Authentication and user management for Next.js

Clerk is the easiest way to add authentication and user management to your Next.js application.

Integrated with Vercel

Use our Vercel integration to easily create and deploy a Next.js application with Clerk user management.

Deploy Clerk on Vercel

Customizable frontends

Clerk's prebuilt frontends were designed to work seamlessly with Next.js catch-all routes so you can integrate in minutes. Their theme can easily be adjusted to match your branding.

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Sign up + sign in

Beautiful flows optimized for conversion and customized to your business needs.

To use with Next.js, mount on:

User profile

A complete dashboard to empower your users to take control of their account security.

To use with Next.js, mount on:

User button

A familiar button for showing the current user, switching users, and accessing account settings.

To use with Next.js, mount within your header or layout component.

Simple API route protection

} from "@clerk/clerk-sdk-node";

const handler = (req, res) => {
 res.statusCode = 200;
   id: req.session.userId

export default

Clerk provides a fast and easy way to require authentication in your Next.js API routes, and to determine which user is making the request.

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Demo: Clerk with Next.js

Watch as we add Clerk to a new Next.js application in just 6.5 minutes.

Uncompromising security

From brute force and password leak detection to HTTP-only cookies and CSRF protection — account security is our top priority and we're constantly iterating to better protect against threats.

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